The PDX Broadsides

The PDX Broadsides Need Your Help With ‘Trust Issues’

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The PDX Broadsides

The PDX Broadsides are a nerd-music trio from Portland, Oregon, and they’ve got trust issues. Rather, they’ve got Trust Issues, an upcoming album that they’re currently funding on Kickstarter.

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In case you’re not familiar with the PDX Broadsides, they started off singing pirate shanties (thus the name) but soon started performing their own compositions about things like LEGO and Firefly and Hamlet. I wrote about their 2015 album,¬†Aim to Misbehave, though I confess that I got really busy and, uh, forgot that I hadn’t written about their 2016 album¬†Something Rotten. (My kids and I particularly enjoyed the song “The Girl Who Couldn’t Even.”)

Their latest album is about the things that scare them, and there are 13 all-ages tracks, including titles like “We Want Rey” and “The Weather (A Night Vale Song)” and “Noncompliant.” It’s also their first album under a new label you might recognize: Doubleclicks Records. It’s very cool to see the Doubleclicks growing their geeky empire, and the PDX Broadsides seem like a great fit.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign is already funded, so the album is getting made! But there are still a lot of stretch goals to be had, including a picture book based on their song “Ultimate Riot,” a pizza party (really), and an adults-only EP. There are a range of pledge levels, from a digital download of the album ($10) to a physical CD with bonuses ($20) all the way up to a house concert and a custom song made just for you ($1,000).

Visit the Trust Issues Kickstarter page for more information and to make a pledge, and be sure to check out their launch concert, where they played eight of the songs from the new album.

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