Daily Deals 031517

Get a Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver and Get Your Phono Wireless – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 031517

I like to point out these deals whenever I see them, because they’re a big part of the solution towards getting your LP record player onto your wireless music system. You just need two of them, to take the pre-amplified audio out from a record player and get it into your computer where it can be redirected to your wireless music streaming setup (like AirPlay). Check out the deal!

And here is the exact record player I have connected to our Airplay system. It’s an Audio Technica with a built-in pre-amp and simple RCA analog out, which can be connected via adapter to the Bluetooth transmitter above. However, if you can put the record player next to the computer you’re using, you can just pay $25 more for the model with USB out and eschew the Bluetooth entirely. Either way, check out the deal!


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