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One of the Minds Behind Blankie Tails Is Back With a Blooming Good Idea

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I was first introduced to Blankie Tails back in 2015, in the midst of my daughter’s own growing mermaid obsession. A year and a half later, she’s still into mermaids and her Blankie Tail remains a constant companion. Whether she’s lounging in her room reading or curled up watching Cupquake videos in the den, this plush mermaid tail has become a staple of her snuggly at-home arsenal.

In that time, Blankie Tails has continued to grow, offering more and more variations on its outstanding namesake. With mermaid tails now available in a wider variety of styles and colors—my daughter is presently enjoying a brand new ombre design and we surprised my grandmother with a similar adult-sized blanket, much to the delight of her entire assisted living facility—not to mention shark-bite tails, as well as a brand new rocket design for those less interested in merfolk, the folks at Blankie Tails continue to innovate in their own unique market.

But that’s not to say plush blankets are the only trick up co-founder Hattie Peze’s sleeve.

More recently, she has launched a brand new venture, a product line a little closer to ground level in the form of Floor Bloom floor pillows. As the name implies, this series—in its debut Magic Garden Collection—draws inspiration from the simple, natural shapes of leaves and flowers.

The decorative throw pillows are, in a word, enormous, with the flowers themselves coming in at around 2.5 feet in diameter while the leaves are an equally impressive 2 feet x 1.5 feet. But, rather than designed just to be displayed on your duvet cover or that special sofa no one is actually allowed to sit on, Floor Blooms are made to be used directly on your… well, you know, floor.

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Durable and delightfully comfortable, they’re a fun and functional way to brighten up a room while also providing the perfect place for casual supplementary seating. From snack time to movie night to impromptu fort-building, Floor Blooms are there, providing just the right support for your dainty derriere.

My family is no stranger to novelty furniture, but our Floor Blooms have somehow done the unthinkable: replaced our Snorlax beanbag chair as the preferred perch for my children! (Not to mention more than a few of our house’s adult guests.)

By injecting a little whimsy into their design, Hattie and the Floor Bloom team have managed to once again make the mundane simply magical. Perfect for special sleepovers or everyday lounging, these pillows are sure to please—and at a price that avoids the anticipated sticker shock.

Individual flower pillows are $39, but you can get the Bouquet Bundle (2 flowers in your choice of colors and 2 leaves) for only $99. And if that floral motif doesn’t match your room theme, check out the recently launched Skyward Collection, boasting light blue clouds and a positively massive 3-foot sun.

Machine washable and double-stitched for added durability, Floor Blooms are ideal for adding a splash of style and color to your home… in the most comfortable way possible.

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