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blankie tails

My daughter loves mermaids. It’s sort of her thing.

She also loves blankets. And stuffed animals. And pajamas. Pretty much anything that’s plushy and helps capture and retain what you or I would consider sweltering heat is her jam.

In the summer? This is egregious and troublesome behavior, especially when she decides that she and her entire squad of teddy bears, Pokémon, and assorted other stuffed critters want to snuggle with you on the couch. Now, though, as autumn begins to take hold in earnest, this is encouraged.

I keep extra pillows and blankets in the living room, specifically to make sure everyone is toasty warm as we watch Gravity Falls or play Splatoon. I even keep a couple of the dreaded Snuggies around for times of bad weather or simply poor health.

Still, despite this embarrassment of fluffy riches, I couldn’t say no when Blankie Tails came a-knockin’. Less slanket than half-sized sleeping bag, these little gems are solidly stitched, double-sided polyester fleece with a slinky, minky feel. Plus, as the name implies, they are styled to resemble fishtails, for the little mermaid or merman in your life.

Available in a variety of styles, each is composed of a tapering cylinder of fabric, with a complementary-colored tail fin and matching textured waistband. They look adorable, and I can confirm that they are an ideal solution for when you want to tuck in to play a video game or read a book but still want you hands and arms unimpeded. (Yes, I wore this bad boy myself–in the name of journalism!)

Blankie Tails are available in three different color schemes for $34.95, with new adult sizes just $5 more. Of course, diminutive mammals like myself can easily shimmy into the standard children’s size. As I proved. For journalism!

If your kids, however, are a bit more sardonic, a tad darker, you should also check out their shark blankets. Never has being devoured by sea life been so comfortable.

Either option is perfect for movie night, lounging around the house, or even the odd road trip. They also make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

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  1. I tried using the geekdad code on the blankie tails website for the mermaid tails but the code isn’t working. Was it a limited time offer or am I typing it in wrong?

  2. Am I lpoking over the promo code that you have listed for blankie tails? Because I just don’t see it.

  3. It’s so cheaply made you guys should check out the tropical mermaid, their mermaid blankets are amazing!

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