The Rheem EcoNet system makes a HVAC system smart as it works together.

Rheem Residential Equipment Joins the Internet of Things

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Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity allows devices to speak with each other and utilize collected data to make efficient decisions. Rheem has introduced EcoNet, a smart technology solution that will allow users to manage their heating, cooling, and water heating products. The platform works with several new Rheem water heaters and heating/cooling systems; some legacy Rheem products (specifically those with Comfort Control or Comfort Control2) can be added to the EcoNet system with a conversion kit.

The system will connect compatible Rheem products over Wi-Fi and allow users to adjust and monitor those products through the free EcoNet mobile app on both iOS and Android smart devices or a control center mounted in their home. Users will be able to access features like those found in high-end programmable thermostats (including regulating temperature, changing settings, and programming schedules) as well as smart features such as automated service alerts and reminders (like when to change an air filter).

The Rheem EcoNet system makes a HVAC system smart as it works together.
The Rheem EcoNet system makes a HVAC system smart as it works together.
Image Credit: Rheem

The advanced features of the EcoNet system dive deep into the operations of the connected products. Diagnostic alerts notify users when service is needed in clear language with a highlighted alarm code making it easy to explain the service needed. For example, like many smart-home systems, EcoNet provides leak detection, which would send a push notification to a homeowner’s phone when water is detected near the water heater.

Homeowners are accustomed to programming their air conditioning and heating units, and should be just as vigilant with their water heater–especially with their vacation homes or rental properties. A water heater can account for almost 20 percent a home’s energy consumption, so programming the temperature and keeping it properly maintained can amount to significant savings each year. Not to mention, learning about an important service issue, like any kind of leak being detected, could save homeowners both dollars and headache.
— Bill Alderson, Corporate Director, Marketing, Rheem

Building on this feature set, EcoNet should have the ability to become a powerful part of a smart-home system. The benefits will only increase as other products begin to communicate with the EcoNet system and as additional hardware is added to the EcoNet-ready product line. Full information about the EcoNet system and the Rheem products that work with it can be found on their website (

The Architechnologist was fortunate to see some of the latest Rheem equipment at the “Dad 2.0 Summit” in San Diego ( and have a few minutes to discuss connected devices, smart HVAC, and more with the incredible Josh Temple, host of HGTV’s House Crashers.

Our conversation with Josh clearly shows that the potential of connected devices and systems, like Rheem’s EcoNet, is just beginning to be embraced by consumers. More importantly, though, the idea of the Internet of Things and what it can provide IS starting to be understood as something that can both improve economy and our daily lives.

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