(Don't) Bring the Noise! — Sugru and Silence

Reading Time: 1 minute


If you’re not familiar with that wonderful product called Sugru, now’s the time to grab some. Bonds to pretty much anything and after it cures (up to 24 hours, but usually faster) it retains a soft rubbery feel. Fans of Sugru have been using it for years to repair things and add grippy-like texture to slippery tools and objects.

The folks at Sugru just released a new video that is very cute, and very inspirational. Got a house or apartment with a lot of noise? Sugru has you covered. Check out the video below, and I’m betting there’s something that’s driving you crazy that Sugru can help fix.

You can find more details about Sugru over at sugru.com, along with videos, tutorials, and other ideas. Buy some here — it comes in a few basic colors that can be mixed to create other colors. (Check out Sugru’s color creation tool here.)

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