Old Navy Lets Go of Grammar


Screenshot of Old Navy Let's Go T-shirtScreenshot of Old Navy Let's Go T-shirt

You may have seen this already, but Old Navy’s “SuperFan” line of apparel included a series of T-shirts for various sports teams saying “Lets Go!!” over a football with some college mascot printed below. Apostrophes, apparently, are extra. According to the LA Times, Old Navy is reprinting the T-shirts and trying to get them into stores and online as soon as possible. If you go to the Old Navy site and search for “Let’s Go” (with apostrophe) you may still turn up a few hits — interestingly, they’ve corrected the apostrophe in the item name but still have the uncorrected graphics up, at least as of this writing.

What’s also interesting to me is that leaving out apostrophes tends to be a less common mistake than inserting extras. I can’t even type “lets” without an apostrophe on my iDevice without getting autocorrected, and I cringe every time I’m trying to type “its” and get an apostrophe automatically inserted, as if that’s a word that doesn’t exist.

See what you’ve done, apostrophe abusers? You used up too many, and now Old Navy has to go import a bunch of them (probably from Asia, where they really use them) to fix their T-shirts. Or I suppose they could get a bunch of Sharpies.

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