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Back in 2008, Geek Dad contributor Bart Leib and his wife (and GeekMom contributor) Kay Holt started up a science-fiction and fantasy magazine called Crossed Genres, which eventually grew into a full small publishing operation dedicated to bringing genre-bending novels to readers everywhere. The business lost money — as most startups do at first — which Bart and Kay were willing to absorb until both of them lost their jobs. (Update: Kay found a new job last Wednesday!) They’ve set up a Kickstarter drive to keep Crossed Genres Publications going, and they need your help.

Check out the video above for a short pitch about it from their CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) Bastian Leib, a.k.a. Bart and Kay’s son. This truly is a family business.

The Kickstarter smashed through its first goal in short order and trampled over its first stretch goal too. This means that not only will Crossed Genres Publications continue on but also that Crossed Genres Magazine will be revived too. They’re still pushing for more funds to keep Crossed Genres guaranteed rolling for as long as possible, and they’ve lined up some fun backer rewards to thank you for lending them a hand.

These rewards include prints of the artwork from some of their covers, a T-shirt featuring a list of geeky fictional swear words, and even customized Lego sets that include not only the plans for a neat build but all the bricks you need to make them.

To top it off, if you pledge at least $10 by June 8, you get entered into a drawing for all sorts of autographed books by Crossed Genres contributors. This includes work by Jennifer Brozek, Cat Rambo, Cecilia Tan, Faith Hunter, Jean Johnson, Del Hunter, and Nathan Crowder. The full project ends on June 22, so this is a good incentive to get in early.

If you enjoy mash-up fiction with a bent toward featuring heroes and stories beyond the norm — i.e. not all about straight white men — check out the Kickstarter and join the drive.

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