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Real talk: I currently have 21 different resource apps for various RPG systems on my phone. These range from dice-rollers to random NPC generators to digital character sheets. Yet still, in spite of all this touchscreen goodness, I inevitably end up writing things down.

Stat penalties and modifiers, loot to be liquidated at the next town, and XP/potential character builds are just some of the things that wind up on random slips of paper, restaurant receipts, and, occasionally, on my left arm. And that’s just for my own player characters!

Earlier this year, RavenRook Publishing released their Mischief & Misadventure Campaign Diary, an all-in-one system-agnostic notebook designed to grow and change along with your PC and their continuing tabletop adventures. I’ll be reviewing one of these shortly, but, in the meantime, allow me to direct your attention to RavenRook’s new Kickstarter.

Mischief & Misadventure Campaign Planner

The Mischief & Misadventure Campaign Planner is the Dungeon Master equivalent of their previous product, a “customizable disc-bound notebook specifically designed to help you plan and run your tabletop/D&D campaign.” While the MMCD is all about charting the evolution of a single character, the MMCP is a beefier volume formatted so as to help DMs keep track of party member’s passive traits, character combat initiative values, the comings and goings of important NPCs or adversaries, and even chart the plot development of sessions and stories.

At the $30 level, you can get your Mischief & Misadventure Campaign Planner (or the previous Diary) with your choice of cover. Ravenrook has already blown past their initial Kickstarter goal; enticing stretch goals have started to roll out, and many more are available (like Pathfinder support). So, if you’re a tabletop RPG player or game master, head on over to the Kickstarter page to see what mischief and/or misadventure awaits!

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