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GeekDad Battles! Introducing “Agents of Sigmar”

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Last year, I wrote a post about Warhammer: Age of Sigmarcalled “Foolish New World?” This was about the radical changes made by Games Workshop to shake up its fantasy strand.

Time has rolled on. Has GWs bold strategy worked? That’s probably a topic for another post, but a cursory glance at the internet would suggest the game is in fine fettle. Especially now that Games Workshop has listened to its customers and delivered points values, in the form of the the General’s Handbook

My own journey towards conversion has been a little slower. I’m still not overly keen on the new story arcs, but mostly because I haven’t invested any time in trying to understand them. They may be great, but for the uninitiated, with both feet planted in the Old World, I’ve seen little to compel me to read.

My early attempts to play the game did not meet with success. I like the simplified rules, but my children weren’t that switched on to them, instead falling prey to the might of 400th Century. Yet, through their enjoyment of Space Marines and Battle for VedrosI fell back under the spell of painting, which in turn, led me to investigating more and more about the current game.

It began to feel like a return to playing was inevitable, thanks mostly to the efforts of my two Warhammer enthusiast friends, Pete Copper and fantasy author Michael J Ward. Mike and Pete watch (what seems like) a vast number of battle reports on YouTube. This started Pete and myself thinking that it would be fun to make our own.

28mm Chivalry. The Bretonnians are ready for battle. Photo: Robin Brooks

Out of this sketchy idea has risen “Agents of Sigmar” a new channel, hoping to bring you the best battle reports that the bottom right hand corner of the British Isles has to offer.

Above, you’ll find the first video in our series. This is very much a new venture for us, both in terms of playing the game, and grappling with the rules, but also producing videos for public consumption. We could probably have refined our presenting style, but in true GeekDad fashion we thought it would be better to hack things as we went along; soliciting feedback and improving the channel as we go. So please do join in, and let us know (politely) what you think.

Despite my reservations, Episode 1 of Agents of Sigmar turned out to be far more watchable then I expected! Please do take a look. It’s an Age of Sigmar battle, featuring a heroic and just Bretonnian army, against an evil horde of vile “Death” (guess which one I played!).

Warhammer Death Army
The spectral restless dead. Scourge of all realms (old and new) Photo: Robin Brooks

As our channel progresses, we hope to play lots more Age of Sigmar, hopefully bringing more narrative elements to our games, rather than simple one-off battles. Beyond that, we’d like to add new games.

Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000: Kill Teamis a small force, skirmish version of their classic game, and we might play Battle for Vedros and Lost Patrol too. Pete is a huge Bloodbowl fan, a game that is due a reboot in 2017, and I’ve been quietly amassing some minis from the Batman Miniatures Game and Imperial Assault, that I’d really like to use someday! I’d also like to make some videos on how to play Age of Sigmar and how to make the game as child friendly as possible.

I hope you enjoy the first episode of Agents of Sigmar, it was a blast to make. Please do join in on the discussion, telling us what you’d like to see in future episodes. GeekDad hosts many successful podcasts and video channels, I hope that our venture becomes one of them.

A big thank you to Pete, who has been the driving force behind getting the project off the ground. He also did the editing and putting together of the video, condensing my tendency to ramble into something other people might want to watch. 

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3 thoughts on “GeekDad Battles! Introducing “Agents of Sigmar”

  1. Glad to hear the game has had increased appeal. Im a convert through and through though inwasnt a long time gamer before the change.

    Inalso reallynencourage taking a step into the fluff with Gates of Azyr and then War Storm. If you dont want to read, i co-host a ppdcast called the Mortal Realms where we cover the Story from the novels to the campaign book. Find us on itunes.

    Not intending this to be a plug but if the fluff is a barrier, i wanted to help. That is our whole intention in hitting the record button each time.

    Anyway, cant wait to check out this batrep, will share it where i can.

    Oh, also check out tha.community for great conversation about Age of Sigmar.

  2. Hi Stonemonk, thanks for taking the time to reply, and supporting our endeavour. So far it’s time as much anything else that has prevented me from accessing the storylines around the game. As Agents of Sigmar progresses, I definitely hope to read around the subject more. Christmas is coming, after, a perfect time to ask for a few hefty tomes.

    I’ll definitely try to check out Mortal realms too. I’m a stay at home day, and you gotta to listen to something whilst scrubbing the floors!

    PS – We’re recording the second episode tonight. Memo to self – don’t move around so much!

  3. GW killed the best Fantasy setting out there with AoS. I will never get over the fact they nuked the old world. GW and Black Library can #$^%^$^%24

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