Galaxy ZEGA X-Base Add-On

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Galaxy Zega X-Base
Galaxy Zega X-Base

I recently reviewed the Galaxy ZEGA Virtual Tank War Game. As it stood I found it to be one of the best interactive toy experiences coming to the market in 2016. But the people at SmartX have added a fun and useful accessory: The X-Base, which helps take the product to another level of enjoyment.

The bases allow the user to pick 1 of 4 enhancements for the game. Green lights allow for the user to get a 20% Health boost. Purple lights will give the player a power boost and red will give a special enhancement. The enhancements are life, defense, weapons and speed. The last mode is a “capture the flag” PVP mode.

In, capture the flag mode players will have an “A” base which is yellow and a “B” base which is blue. There are points given each time a player drives over an enemy base. The amount of points needed for a win can be pre-selected.

Zega Modes

While testing the ZEGA initially my family had no shortage of enjoyment but with the addition of the X-Bases we had to incorporate a lot more strategy into our gameplay. This allowed for the amount of time that we spent playing the game to be much longer and more enjoyable.

The bases must be charged using a micro USB cable before use. The player must then turn on the power button until the base lights up. When it is lit the user who is hosting the current game must bring their device close to the base until it connects to the display. Once the base is recognized the player decided whether they will use battle mode or capture the flag. If the player chooses battle mode they then must assign the behavior to each individual base. This does take a little bit of work and if playing with young children a parent or older sibling should set all of these things prior to the game. The extra work is totally worth the effort.

Pre-purchase and store information will be available soon on the Galaxy ZEGA website. The cost of the basic set with 2 cars and the arena is $149.99 which in my estimates makes it a perfect affordable gift for the holidays.

Here is what is in the package—the Galaxy ZEGA app-based remote control tank game features:

  • Starter Kit: 2 unique ZEGAs and the magnetic battlefield. Optional add-ons include two additional ZEGAs, an X-base; ramps and other parts to expand the battlefield
  • ZEGAs have names and personalities, different skill sets, challenges.
  • ZEGAs battle on the ZEGA battlefield or any surface inside or out
  • ZEGAs are a ‘ready-to-fight’ toy, operating out of the box with no setup time (charges quickly with 2-in-1 USB charger, easy app download, quick battlefield assembly)
  • Game can be played in survival or flag capture modes (battling ZEGAs or for points)
  • ZEGAs can be upgraded through the app with treasures won in battle, enhancing abilities

SmartX provided a review sample of the Galaxy ZEGA for this article.

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