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dinotruxTo coincide with the third season of DinoTrux, we’ve teamed up with DreamWorks Animation, Netflix, and Mattel to do a giveaway of some of the latest toys just in time for the holidays!

dinotruxtoys-featuresDinoTrux easily makes the list of my son’s favorite fandoms, so when season three was released earlier this month, my son got to experience his first “binge” watching. While we didn’t let him power through the entire season in one sitting, it was hard work to make it last more than a couple of days. We already have a small collection of DinoTrux toys, but we hadn’t delved into the bigger, higher end ones yet, so when we received a sample set, we were instantly in love.

dinotruxtoys-rctyThe first item that’s sure to be a hit this holiday season is the Reptool (remote) Control Ty Rux. My son has only had one other RC toy and it was a very simple and basic robot we got him two years ago. This Ty Rux is a huge upgrade from the standard Ty Rux in the same size. There are four modes of play–Find Me, Follow Me, Dance/Wreck, and Remote Control. The names are probably pretty self-explanatory. One caveat is that Ty does have to have line of site to the remote for and of the modes and controls to work. While this does put some limitations on the toy, for a entry level beginner RC toy, I wouldn’t expect much more without a pretty big price jump. It’s still a lot of fun, and, thankfully for parents, there is a way to turn off the sounds while still letting your kids play with the remote.

dinotruxtoys-tontonNext up is the Epic Ton-ton toy. This toy is called Epic due to its size–its the largest DinoTrux toy they make. This is essentially the DinoTrux equivalent of a sandbox dump truck. The toy is mostly sturdy plastic for rough outdoor play. The dumper works as you’d expect and Ton-tons tail detaches and functions as a shovel. As soon as the weather clears up, we’re taking him for a spin at our local park!


Shadow Ty Rux is also a new addition. The lever on the back of Ty’s head opens his jaws and activates several sounds and phrases. The wheels on the bottom allow for easy rolling action, and the tail claw is spring-loaded so it can actually open and close to grab things. The tail action is easily my son’s favorite part about this toy.


Lastly, we have the mid-sized Dozer. These mid-sized DinoTrux are our favorites overall in the toy line. They aren’t too small and they all have some cool mechanical actions when pulled back and released or just pushed. Dozer drops his head down and his tail can also be manually moved to pretend he’s doing his signature tail jackhammering.

And now for the part you’ve been waiting for–the giveaway! We’ve teamed up with Mattel, DreamWorks Animation, and Netflix to do a giveaway of the above toys–The Reptool Control Ty Rux, Epic Ton-ton, Shadow Ty Rux, and Dozer!! Just fill out the form below before midnight on November 4th and one lucky winner will be selected at random and announced on November 5th.

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Note: I was sent review copies of the above toys, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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