Ezra Answers “The Call” in This Exclusive ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Clip

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The first season of Star Wars Rebels set the bar pretty high and made it clear to Star Wars fans that the franchise was (still) in good hands with Dave Filoni and crew. It was therefore no surprise that the second season was hotly anticipated, and expectations were through the roof.

I think it’s safe to say that the show has more than met those expectations, and, now that we’re roughly halfway through the second season, it continues to defy convention and break the mold. The recent Season 2 mid-season trailer invokes chills that are almost on level with the trailers for The Force Awakens.

Tonight’s episode, “The Call,” finds the crew of the Ghost on a mission to obtain fuel for the rebel fleet. And since things are never simple, they end up protecting space creatures (known as Purrgil, but essentially space whales!) from the asteroid mining operation that threatens the creatures’ lives.

“If you’re looking for a guarantee, you’re on the wrong mission.”  –Sabine

Ezra takes center stage in this episode and continues to deepen his connection to the Force by developing a relationship with the Purrgil. The following clip is a GeekDad exclusive for tonight’s episode:

“The Call” has some amazing action sequences, a significant deepening of Ezra’s character, and SPACE WHALES!

This show just keeps getting better, and the characters are becoming incredibly well-rounded and nuanced. This is true not only from the audience’s perspective but also for the actors. Taylor Gray, the actor who brings the character of Ezra Bridger to life, told me that when the show first began, he had a hard time seeing himself and the other actors in their roles.

Even though Vanessa Marshall (Hera) could see the entire cast as their characters from the beginning, Taylor “couldn’t see past the green.” But now? Now it’s a different story. “I would almost go with the inverse,” Taylor said. “When we’re in the booth, I can see Hera when Vanessa is saying lines. Rather than just see Vanessa, I can see Hera speaking to me, and I feel like I’m on the Ghost with her.”

Tune in tonight – Wednesday, February 10 – at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Disney XD for “The Call.”

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