New Kickstarter — Castor Easy Readers Offer Diversity and Adventure!

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There are plenty of young readers out there who are learning to read, and parents are always looking for new and unique ways to get their children hooked on reading. Castor Tales believes that many children’s books are lacking, especially in areas of diversity and adventure… and it has a new Kickstarter that aims to engage young readers (target age is K thru 2nd grade) with three new books that are anything but boring.

The three books are written by Ellie Ann with a different illustrator for each book. Here are some details about the three books:

ROOK (illustrations by Brittany Ngo)


ROOK is about a cunning young thief who takes whatever she wants. But one day, she steals from the wrong witch and she’s caught! The witch takes her in, and teaches her how to create, not take.

PETRA (illustrations by Courtney Hicks)


Petra’s the best archer in the world. They shoot high, they shoot low, and hit whatever they aim for. One day, soldiers come and offer them gold if they’ll do a hard job. Should Petra take it? This book is about using your skills for good, and features a non-gendered protagonist.

WOLF and VAMPIRE (illustrations by MJ Erickson)


Wolf likes pie, fish, mud, singing to the moon, and most of all her family. On the other hill lives a vampire family, whom she’s taught to fear. One day, silver rain attacks Wolf’s house, and she runs, injured. Wolf meets Vampire, who has also been injured. She must decide if she should help someone she’s afraid of. Can they team up in order to save their families?

The three books will be printed as hardcovers at 8″ x 8″ in size with between 13 and 16 full-color pages each. (Think Little Golden Books and you’ve got the right idea.)

I will admit that many (maybe even most) of the easy reader books that I read to my boys were severely lacking in plot. Ellie Ann is seeking to engage young readers by giving them stories that will entertain while also educating. And the fantasy elements of the stories are something I can appreciate as a GeekDad.

You can check out the official Castor Tales Kickstarter here. The fundraising ends on October 21, 2016.

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