Save Big on Portable Generators, Pick up the ‘Small World’ Game for a Small Price – Daily Deals!

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While Amazon may be a couple days late putting this up as a Daily Deal, we thought it a good idea to point it out anyway, since many folks may look at the results of Hurricane Matthew and decide it’s time to build up their own emergency preparedness kits. This is a basically a little gas motor that will generate up to 2200 peak Watts of power, and can run very quietly for up to 8 hours on one gallon of gas, giving you a couple of 110V AC outlets, plus USB, 12V and more. And it’s on sale today for just $454.

Whether you’re sitting out a power outage, or just looking for some fun on family game night, Small World is one of the great tabletop games out there with tons of replay-ability because of the mix-and-match nature of the characters. Pick up a copy today for just $33!


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