The Excited for Geek Girl Con 2016 Post

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Photo by Danny Ngan @ Geek Girl Con 2015.

Geek Girl Con 2016 is just a couple of weeks away (October 8th and 9th) here in Seattle, and I can’t wait because this will be my daughter’s first con!

Geek Girl Con is, in many ways, the perfect convention for a lot of people. While there is plenty to see and do, I’d sum Geek Girl Con up as serene–not a word typically associated with conventions. And that’s not to say that there aren’t panels and events that are exciting, or action packed, or boisterous, because there are, but, especially for folks with any type of anxiety, Geek Girl Con feels unlike any other con in that, even in the middle of everything, it allows you to feel calm and safe.

My wife is claustrophobic and so doesn’t go to conventions, and my daughter is only four-months-old and has never gone to one with my son and I. Geek Girl Con 2016 will mark my daughter’s first convention (which we hope will be an ongoing tradition), and will, after my raving about GGC 2015, will hopefully be my wife’s first full con (she tried to brave ECCC 2015 for a steampunk family cosplay) and another ongoing tradition for our whole family.

As if all of that wasn’t already enough to be excited about, here is a list of the things happening at Geek Girl Con 2016 that I’m most looking forward to.

  • Cosplay. While Geek Girl Con might be a relatively small convention, there is a ton of great cosplay to be seen. There is even a cosplay contest (you can submit online until October 8th) and a children’s cosplay march.
  • DIY Science Zone. The DIY Science Zone is even bigger and better this year with tons of hands-on projects and experiments for kids and adults to play with and learn about science of all kinds. My son was a little too young last year to really try out any of the projects so I’m really looking forward to seeing my budding scientist take part this year.
  • Incorporating Fandom Into Learning & Play Panel. GeekMom and GeekDad are hosting a panel! Join myself along with Kelly Knox, Sarah James, Marziah Karch, and Claire Jennings as we discuss how we use our and our kids’ fandoms in learning and play on Saturday at 3:00 pm.
  • Lightsaber in the Snow: The Force Inside All Of Us Panel. Geek Mom Kelly Knox joins Tricia Barr, Lisa Granshaw, and Meg Humphrey to discuss feminism and representation in the modern Star Wars universe.
  • Privateer Press Paint ‘n’ Take. Last year this event was the first time my son got to paint his own mini. Since then he’s done a handful more at home, but we don’t have a lot of minis. In the past year, he’s gotten a lot more fine motor control with painting and coloring in general, so I’m excited to see how his mini comes out this year.

Will you be coming to Geek Girl Con this year? If you weren’t planning on it, I can’t recommend it enough. Get your passes now! And come say hi to us.

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  1. Hi you folks at GeekDad and GeekMom. I see a lot of articles about cons here, and I love reading about them. But you never put *where* the con is in the articles. Your boosting the con does me no good if I don’t know where it is. From the article I couldn’t even be completely sure if this one was in North America. It took me a few minutes of clicking around to find out that Geek Girl Con takes place in Seattle! So from now on, I would greatly appreciate it if you could make a brief mention of the city the con is in. Thank you.

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