Threadsmiths’ Shirts Are Safe From Your Caffeine Addiction

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Image: Threadsmiths
Image: Threadsmiths

There’s something about wearing a white shirt that just attracts stains. You could be wearing a blue shirt but it would avoid stains, whereas the same kind of shirt in white… It’s like a magnet. At least this has been my experience. Perhaps we’re “extra careful” when we wear white, and it backfires on us. What if someone invented a shirt that repelled stains? It seems that someone has.

Threadsmiths, an Australian company, makes t-shirts, polos, and dress shirts that doesn’t allow liquid to be absorbed, as demonstrated by their video. See? Nothing sticks.

How do they do this? With hydrophobic technology. They claim that the shirts are stain resistant with water-based liquids such as Gatorade or a light red wine. You can then clean it off by pouring a bottle of water on it instead of wiping. Oil-based substances are less likely to be repelled, however.

If the short video above wasn’t enough for you, visit the Threadsmiths website to see it in action, where people are pouring all kinds of beverages and condiments on someone wearing the shirts, and his shirts remaining perfectly clean.

Threadsmiths sells both men’s and women’s shirts, along with hats and a tie. And, though their website doesn’t list them, Amazon also lists other products, such as shirts for kids and babies, aprons, and chef’s jackets. The products are a little more than I prefer to spend, but imagine only having to replace a shirt when it wore out, rather than when you spilled something on it. They sell products in more than just white as well, though you’re less likely to need stain-resistant black clothing.

So… Does it really repel liquid?

Yes, utterly and completely. I ran it under water, both on the outside of the shirt and on the inside. And the water just ran off. It was completely dry afterward. I even made a little bowl with the fabric, filled the bowl with water, and let it sit for a while. When I poured off the water, it all ran off. Dry as a bone. Yes, I am impressed. It is safe from your soda addiction.

Image: Threadsmiths
Image: Threadsmiths

Is it a nice shirt?

They sent me a men’s t-shirt to review, and it’s a very nice, soft shirt. It’s not your squared-off Hanes Beefy T type. The sleeves are fitted and the whole shape is nice, and it seems to taper slightly as the shirt goes down to the waist. You know your body best, so check their size charts to see what size you should order. (Be aware that each of their shirt types has a different size chart. I thought they were sending me a dress shirt that I could try on my son, and so ordered a certain size, but they sent a t-shirt in that size, which is much smaller. Fortunately, it fits me instead.) Also, there is a Threadsmiths tag on one sleeve, along with a small rubbery logo just below the neckline on the back, if such things matter to you.

The Threadsmiths site also has a complete care guide for taking care of your shirts. Essentially, it says to wash in cold with like colors, and tumble dry on low at least once every three washes to keep the water repellancy.

Threadsmiths’ shirts range from $39 to $89 for adults, and cheaper for kids and babies, which is still affordable enough to buy a few for one’s wardrobe. Their color options would make them great choices for mix-and-match travel clothes as well. In addition to preventing stains, these shirts would be useful to wear in the rain!

Note: I received a t-shirt for review purposes.

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