GeekDad Review: Sand Cloud Towels – Seriously Soft, Seriously Sustainable

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Today in the “I never thought I’d be reviewing this” department, we have bath towels. When I was approached for PR reps for Sand Cloud, I thought the idea of a beach towel company that gives a portion of their proceeds to marine life was neat and a little geeky (in a good way, remember what site you’re on), but I also was living in the NY area in the winter. When was I going to the beach?

I mean, tempting but brrr Source: Sand Cloud

That’s when Sand Cloud told me they also do bath towels, clothing, accessories, and even comforters for your bed. Sure, they started out as a beach towel company and their boho/beach style is a show of their roots, but they were for more than the cabana. I decided to pull the trigger.

Not my actual bathroom
Source:Sand Cloud

For our review, we tested the Mix & Match towel bundle, which are out of stock as of this writing—as are all their bath towels—and it is super easy to see why. The towels were soft to the touch, needing no pre-washing. Prior to getting my Sand Clouds, my favorite towel was a very large one from my parents’ house that’s over 30 years old. The years had made it soft and perfect. The Sand Clouds were as soft as that right out of the package.

They’re also super thin. At first glance I thought no way would they be absorbent, but they are and they’re just about perfect. Especially since they’re beach towel size, and do a great job covering my less-than-svelte self.

They’re thin, I’m not.
Source: Sand Cloud

The downsides to Sand Cloud? For one thing, there’s the bit about them being sold out. However, they are sold by 3rd parties (like Bed Bath & Beyond) and even in those cases marine charities get their 10%. The other downside is that they are air dry, which means being careful when you dry them.

While not cheap (my bundle was $81 on sale), they’re not insanely expensive either. To the point that despite being a very cheap person, I have an alert set up in case they’re back in stock again.

That’s high praise from me.

Note: Sand Cloud provided me with a bundle for review purposes.

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  1. DO NOT BUY! I am still awaiting an an order from over a month ago! You can’t combine rewards with any discounts, and their customer service is vague and therefore incompetent!! DO NOT BUY!

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