‘The Little Prince’ Coming to Netflix August 5

Reading Time: 1 minute

Hooray for Netflix!

The animated adaptation of The Little Prince, which was first seen at the Cannes Film Festival last year and has since been released all over the world, did not get its expected US release earlier this spring. Paramount pulled it a week before its expected release date (without, as far as I could tell, giving much of an explanation). Netflix swooped in and picked up the distribution rights to it, and recently announced the new release date: August 5.

The new Netflix-branded trailer is above. I’m excited for this one! I love the mix of animation styles on display in the trailer, and the fact that it’ll be on Netflix means that our whole family can watch it together (since my toddler doesn’t always do so well in theaters yet). Plus, you know, I could probably use a reminder about letting my kids be kids.

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