Nintendo’s Best Gaming Value Just Got Better (Again)

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Real talk: when Nintendo released the 2DS system back in 2013 at its original $130 price point, I was instantly impressed with the 3DS’s funny looking little brother. And when they dropped the price down to a cool $100 in 2015? Well, I couldn’t help but recommend it as the perfect geekling’s-first-handheld and an ideal way for lapsed adult gamers to get back into the swing of things.

Well, this week it was revealed that, as of May 20th, the 2DS will see its MSRP reduced again to a mere $79.99. Oh, and it comes with a free downloadable copy of Mario Kart 7. Also, a bunch of other great first-party 3DS titles are now available as a part of the budget Nintendo Selects line for only $20 a pop. And there’s a new Pokémon title coming out this year. If you get my meaning. 

Sure, we can talk about how, with the announcement of the forthcoming NX, the Wii U is a lame duck console and the 2DS/3DS line’s days may also be numbered, but I’m about living for today. And today the 3DS back catalog is a veritable titan of top-shelf titles–with even more to look forward to in the near future. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you’re truly missing out.

In summation, the Nintendo 2DS will soon retail for $80, and you should buy one.

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