3D Core Rulebook Cover

‘Pathfinder Core Rulebook’ Cover Brought to Life in Stunning 3D

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3D Core Rulebook Cover

Character artist Rafael Malavassi has translated the cover of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook in stunning 3D as a tribute to his favorite artist, Wayne Reynolds. The look for Pathfinder the Roleplaying Game is defined by Wayne Reynolds’ amazing art. Visions of War: The Art of Wayne Reynolds is one of the go-to books for my youngest son, who often chooses drawing instead of reading just before bed. Wayne Reynolds’ art is gorgeous on its own, invoking the feel of Pathfinder and epic fantasy in every piece. Rafael Malvassi’s remarkable 3D translation brings these characters to life. Wayne is known for his painstaking detail, and you can see Rafael did the piece its due justice.


Core Rulebook Cover Art
Here’s the ‘Core Rulebook’ original art by Wayne Reynolds to compare. Such a dynamic scene: adventurers in epic combat with a dragon. This is what it’s all about. Image from Paizo, art by Wayne Reynolds.

This was no small task. Rafael says, “I`ve been working on this baby for 8 months now and learned so much in the process thanks to my friends and mentors at Think Tank and all the support of the CG community.” Think Tank Training Center in Vancouver, BC teaches visual effects, 3D animation, and game design. This was Mr. Malavassi’s Think Tank final project. I believe he probably received an ok score..

You can see many more stills and more of his work on rafaelmalavassi.com, and here’s Rafael’s LinkedIn page if you need someone to “create high quality 3D characters and props for upcoming promising games, movies and tv shows.”

Detail of Pathfinder Cover

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1 thought on “‘Pathfinder Core Rulebook’ Cover Brought to Life in Stunning 3D

  1. And over at the Paizo forums, Rafael informs us that this artwork helped him land his first job! Yay! (http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2tyue?Some-artwork-based-on-Pathfinder-Core-Rulebook#19)

    “Just a little update. This pathfinder scene helped me land my first job in the industry! Tnx so much for the support!
    I also entered a rookie contest with it, check it here:


    Tnx again and happy gaming!”

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