Gameroom Junkies Podcast #61 - SFGE, Vectrex, The Arcade Business

Gameroom Junkies #61 – Stream of (Gaming) Consciousness

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Gameroom Junkies Podcast #61 - SFGE, Vectrex, The Arcade Business

Your 10th-favorite podcast about arcade, pinball, and console collecting is back, and we’re all over the board on this one! Before we go off the deep end about whatever pops into our heads, we give a pretty detailed rundown of the upcoming (GeekDad-sponsored) Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo in Atlanta June 10-12, 2016! We talk upcoming guests, sponsors, logistics hurdles, and the small details it takes to run a large convention.

For our only “real” segment, Patrick gives a rundown of what happened in arcade history during April. Additionally in this episode, we go down a Vectrex rabbit hole, lament a broken water heater and flooded basement full of games, and go over our current obsessions. Before we leave, however, we wax poetic about a Polygon article about what it takes to run a location-based arcade in today’s economic market.

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