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Thoughts on Southern Fried Gameroom Expo 2016

For the previous two years, the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo has been an outstanding two days of classic pinball and arcade games side-by-side with modern versions of the same style games. This year, however, SFGE also introduced tabletop games to the mix, offering up 14,000 square feet of gaming tables and inviting companies such as Asmodee and Renegade Game Studios to demo their games.

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A Great Weekend Project — DIY Arcade Controller

While writing projects are in full swing, I often tend to collect small DIY projects that remain stacked on shelves until I have some of that free time… I’ve recently finished up writing two books that are now heading to the printer, and I find myself with some free time. I should be putting together a proposal for my next book, but instead I’ve reached for a small box of parts.
This past weekend’s project was quick and simple (relatively speaking), and I had a very easy gauge for determining its success or failure … would I be able to play the classic Atari 2600 game, Adventure, as it was meant to be played?

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ASCII Shooter — Perfect ’80s Flashback When You’ve Got Two Minutes to Burn

Remember Robotron or Berzerk? I have fond memories of those two video games even though I wasn’t very good at either of them. In both instances, you’re placed right in the middle of a wave of enemies that are threatening you from all directions. I could hold my own in Robotron for maybe 10-15 minutes of gameplay, but I never lasted more than a couple of minutes with Berzerk. Still, I played them often, usually when I had one token left and maybe five minutes left before my parents picked me up from the arcade. If you’re looking for a similar style of game, let me point you to ASCII Shooter.

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