Pyramid Game

5x Video and 4x Tabletop – 9 Awesome New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Wild Eight Game

The Wild Eight – An Eerie Survival Adventure

A plane crash strands eight people in remote Alaska. Cooperation is key.


Losswords. A game of literary portions.

From the creators of The Metagame, classic literature as social word puzzles.


LUNA – The Shadow Dust: A Point & Click Puzzle Adventure

It’s up to one boy to make the moon rise again.


Blast Brawl 2

“Combat is a deadly dance, a constant whirl of fire, steel, and blood.”



Play as a young girl–and as her avatar in the game she’s playing.


Pyramid Game


Pyramid Arcade – 90 Pyramids, 22 Games, Endless Fun!

Lovingly designed box from the creators of the mysterious Looney Pyramids.


Katanas & Trenchcoats: Retromodern Roleplaying

“Drinks in the spirit of ’90s gothic media and games.”


Rail Raiders Infinite

You’re a space cowboy/bandit raiding the Interstellar Express space-rail.


Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game

Why can’t games touch on the unsettling issue of what it is to be human?

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