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Reality’s an Illusion, The Universe Is a Hologram, Buy ‘Gravity Falls: The Complete Series’

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gravity falls complete feature
While I’m sure many of my fellow GeekParents (not to mention you readers) may disagree—citing unquestionably spectacular fare like Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe—I honestly believe Gravity Falls to be greatest cartoon series of the modern age. In its scant two seasons, it told a cohesive narrative concerning uniquely relatable protagonists steeped in the mystery and wonder of childhood. For the first time ever, all 40 of its episodes have been collected into a single box set, allowing fans new and old the chance to explore the amazing world of Gravity Fall, Oregon to its fullest, and I wholeheartedly recommended that you do just that.

Released this week on Blu-ray and DVD, Gravity Falls: The Complete Series is a true boon even by Shot Factory‘s spectacular standards. While the 6-disc standard edition is sure to be a delight, boasting the series in its entirety complete with full audio commentaries by creator Alex Hirsch and members of the cast and crew, die-hard Gravity Falls aficionados will want to pick up the 7-disc Collector’s Edition.

Retailing for $59.97 on DVD ($37.79 on Amazon) and $99.99 on Blu-ray ($62.89 on Amazon), Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition features the same crystal-clear transfer of all 40 episodes of the Disney XD standout and their alternate commentaries as well as a bonus disc positively packed with additional content.

Look lovingly back on Gravity Falls in toto with the hour and 45-minute-long “One Crazy Summer” documentary, plumb the childhood memories of real-life Mystery Twins Alex and Ariel Hirsch in “The Hirsch Twins,” and even re-watch the “Between the Pines” behind-the-scenes finale special. Plus, there are hours of deleted scenes, series shorts, and promos to boot.

But, as amazing as all this archival and specialty content is, it’s still the show itself that makes Gravity Falls: The Complete Series well worth the asking price. From the gnome-plagued opener, “Tourist Trapped,” to its epically surreal three-part “Weirdmageddon” finale, Gravity Falls remains a wonder to behold. Binging this entire collection is as tempting as it is enjoyable, but the inclusion of commentary tracks for each episode both affords viewers an opportunity to catch any breadcrumbs they may have initially missed—thanks to its wily and watchful cast and crew—and offers a real look behind the curtain into the production of this beautiful (and beautifully penned) animated epic.

Do you need to know that hapless handyman Soos is based on a college-friend of Alex Hirsch? What elements of the funny and frightening “Summerween” Disney brass felt pushed the envelope a tad too far? How many garish sweaters a young Ariel Hirsch (Mabel Pines’ real-world analog) actually owned? Of course not, but with a collection so comprehensive featuring a project that was such an obvious labor of love by its genuine, engaged creative team, you’ll want to.

gravity falls complete

To paraphrase a quickly-penned sign posted around the team’s workplace, Gravity Falls was about making cool things with friends. No more and no less. And finally, Gravity Falls: The Complete Series offers us, the viewers, a look into the very color and shape of that brilliantly creative friendship. So join Dipper and Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Lil’ Gideon, Bill Cipher, the Manotaurs, and more in a town just west of weird.

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