GeekDad Giveaway: Dreamworks ‘Dinotrux’ Goodie Basket


If you’re a regular GeekDad reader, it should come as no surprise that we’re pretty big fans of Dinotrux. We were fans of the original books by Chris Gall, and we’ve also come to love the charming Netflix original show from Dreamworks Animation. Check out our post about Season 1 here and our chat with executive producers Ron Burch and David Kidd here.

Well, good news, fellow Dinotrux fans! As of March 11, Season 2 is now on Netflix, and it introduces a whole bunch of new characters on top of the core cast we’ve come to know and love. For example? Check out the adorable hex wrench creatures known as the Ottos:

Officially, in Season 2, the turf war escalates when D-Structs unveils a buzz-saw tail, battles with battering-ram Skya, and kidnaps Revvit. Together the team saves the Ottos from a meteor crash, goes underground to escape the Desert Scraptors, and builds a racetrack with Ton-Ton’s friends the Dumps.

But that’s not all!

We’re also thrilled to offer you guys a chance to win one of THREE Dinotrux-themed prize baskets. The basket will include a random assortment of 8-10 Dinotrux toys and books!

Dinotrux toys from Mattel include assorted characters in both the die-cast and Sights & Sounds collections, and new Dinotrux books are arriving in stores on April 5th! Titles include the following:

Enter below for your chance to win. At some point on Friday, March 18, we’ll pick three random winners. Good luck!

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