The Dark Side of Cakery

Geek Culture

Over the last several months at GeekDad, we’ve treated you to a succession of geeky cakes, most recently (and impressively, in my opinion) Duff’s amazing Millenium Falcon. In fact, if the only cake data you acquired came from GeekDad you might get the impression that, on the whole, geek cakes are pretty well done.

My friends, I’m here to tell you that it just ain’t so.

Take, for instance, Great White Snark’s "The Top Five Awful R2-D2 Cakes":

Listen, it’s one thing to use M&Ms in lieu of frosting to detail R2’s exterior […] but it’s another to be completely arbitrary about the design. At this point, why not make him a fedora out of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and call it a day?

R2-D2 isn’t GWS’s only target, either. He goes after bad Death Star cakes and five atrocious Yoda cakes. (Lest you be left with the impression that there’s no geeky cake GWS likes, there are 39 entries tagged "cake," many of which are quite appreciative.)

Not enough for you? Check out Cake Wrecks. Cake Wrecks’ subjects aren’t all geeky — in fact, some of them are completely creepy. True, they also aren’t all bad…I mean, who wouldn’t want a James Bond plane-crash wedding cake? C’mon! But when Cake Wrecks goes geeky, they go deep. Like these questionable puffer fish, the unabashedly phallic Yellow Brick Road cake, or this slight nauseating homage to Ice Box Man.

Yes, there are truly some horrifying geek cakes out there. Research into the field continues nevertheless. At mental-floss, Miss Cellania has undertake to create a taxonomy of geeky cakery. (Yes, I’m aware that "cakery" is not a word…or wasn’t until now.) So the next time your bakery hands you a faulty, code-embellished cake, perhaps you’ll at least know how to classify it.

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