Dr. Horrible’s iPhone Remote Is Available as a Web App


Ishot1Ishot1We are all fans of
Dr. Horrible here at GeekDad, and the most observant amongst us noticed in the first episode that when he needed to remotely control the security van which was carrying the wonderflonium he needed to finish his freeze ray, Dr. Horrible used a custom-designed application for his iPhone.  Of course, we couldn’t find it in the AppStore since the launch of iPhone 2.0, but now it’s finally been found — as a web app.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem to actually do anything unless you have Dr. Horrible’s magnetic-control hardware, but it still looks really cool on your iPhone.

Check out Dr. Horrible’s remote.

Note: The report from the Dr. Horrible panel at ComicCon is that this really *is* what was used in the show, and that it was a friend of Nathan Fillion who designed it.

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