+10 Awesome: Boneshaker Audiobook With Wil Wheaton

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boneshakerboneshakerWhen I spoke with Cherie Priest at Dragon*Con last year, she mentioned that this might be a possibility. But now it’s a reality! Her fabulous steampunk novel Boneshaker is now available as an audiobook as read by Karen Redding and none other than Wil Wheaton. If you’ve not picked up the book, this might not make as much sense to you, but the story is told in alternating points of view between mother and son. And if you’ve not picked up the book, there’s no better time than now. Audiobooks go everywhere, after all.

From Cherie’s blog:

Now it can be shared: Audible’s production of Boneshaker — read by none other than the superlative Wil Wheaton (Zeke’s chapters) and the marvelous Kate Reading (Briar’s material) — is now available for your downloading pleasure.

I. Am. SO PSYCHED about this. My first audiobook! EVAR! And WIL IS ONE OF THE READERS! Honestly, I just can’t thank him enough for coming on board — for it was mega bonus super awesome of him to do so. His reading of Zeke is charming, nuanced, and just freaking perfect.

Congrats, all around!

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