Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 27 – ‘Dinotrux’

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Episode 27: Dinotrux

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This week, we take another detour (sort of) and talk to Ron Burch and David Kidd about the newest Dreamworks Animation show to debut on Netflix: Dinotrux.

If you haven’t checked out the show yet, take a look at my review and then go add it to your Netflix queue. I should note that it’s definitely made for the little humans who might be in your house, and they will likely go nuts for it.

If you have a little guy or gal who likes trucks or dinosaurs, Dinotrux really is the meeting of two spectacular worlds.

Ron and David are co-executive producers (i.e., “show runners”) on Dinotrux and have been involved in its development since the beginning. We chat about the creative process behind the show, how the character designs came about, how the concept grew from Chris Gall’s original books, and where the show will eventually go.


In the episode, we mention the incredible maquettes that Dreamworks had made for the characters of Ty and Revvit. Here they are. Pictures don’t do them justice; they’re really incredible.


And, completely unrelated to this episode, here’s the voiceover clip I recorded while at Dreamworks. That’s me (Jamie) as the voice of Revvit (the little guy). Impressed, aren’t you?


Disclaimer: Justin is a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, and Jamie was invited to a press event at Dreamworks Animation for Dinotrux. We were not compensated in any way for this episode. Ron and David are just awesome guys who happen to be geeky dads themselves, and we wanted to have them on the show to chat about trucks, dinosaurs, and the bizarre alchemy that combined them.

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