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Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Upgrade Games With Meeple Source!

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Remember when most games just had boring wooden cubes and discs for everything? That white cube? It’s a sheep. That black disc? It’s a rock. That green cube? It’s, um, influence. Thanks to Meeple Source, you can get customized meeples and bits.

Meeple Source has run several successful Kickstarter campaigns for their custom meeples. They started off with character meeples, and pretty soon started making meeples for specific games like Tiny Epic Kingdoms. Fans clamored for more, so they made more: custom resources for Power Grid, fancy diseases for Pandemic, pink brains for Zombie Dice, and red hearts for Love Letter.

Their latest Kickstarter project is all about the game upgrade kits, and they’ve got a slew of games (with more being added as stretch goals are hit). Each one comes with a complete set of bits to make your games look great. No more generic wooden cubes, distinguished only by color. Now you can have corn that looks like corn! I won’t list all the games here, because there are so many of them, but if you like custom bits, you should definitely take a look at what’s available.

Meeple Source Puerto Rico
Boats and resources for Puerto Rico! (Design not final)

They’re currently at work on a set for Puerto Rico: there are custom bits for the resource, but there will also be boats! The designs aren’t final yet, but there will be boats with different capacities that you can load up with goods.

Meeple Source still has limited supplies of some of their previous sets, so if you want any of those you should just check in to see if they’re available. But if anything strikes your fancy, now’s a good time to pick them up, because they often discontinue one line in order to bring in new products and there’s no guarantee they’ll still be around next time.

To get a look at the whole list, visit the Meeple Source Game Upgrade Kits Kickstarter page.

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