GeekDad Readers: How Are We Doing?

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Hey there, GeekDad readers! It’s me, Ken – Owner/Publisher/Grand Nagus of GeekDad; I wanted to take a moment to check in with all our loyal readers, to tell you how things are going with us, and find out from you how YOU think we’re doing.

You might remember my message from 10 months ago, when we announced our formal settlement with Condé Nast over ownership of the GeekDad brand, and the start of our crowdfunding and advertising efforts to help pay that settlement. The really good news is that we’re on track to make the next payment (number two out of three total) later this year, and it’s all because of you. The 100 or so people helping us on Patreon have been simply wonderful, and the number of folks taking advantage of our daily deals so we earn back affiliate money is really making a difference. Thank you all so, so much; you’re really helping make this work.

What’s also helping make things work is the advertising we are displaying on the site. Let me take a moment to explain how we’ve approached advertising: we are trying to find balance. Ads can be very annoying, we know. Heck, we are all consumers of the Internet as well, and we agree that the fewer flashy things we have to distract us from content, the better. That’s why we’ve made some very specific choices with the advertising we are displaying on the site. First, no pop-ups. Second, no auto-run video (we’ve had some hover-over video, and this seems like a livable compromise, but I’m happy to hear your arguments against). Third, no screen take-overs. And fourth, no junk.

That last is pretty important. There are a number of services that will auto-serve ads and sponsored content that appeal to lowest common denominator readers. That doesn’t fly for GeekDad, and so you’ll never see ads touting the “10 Beauty Secrets You’d Never Guess Peyton Manning Uses.” Peyton is a football player, in case you didn’t know.

So we’ve used a mix of things that avoid the junk, but still provide a decent return to help us meet our goals. We have some Google AdSense, but we’ve turned off the types of ads that would be inappropriate for a site like GeekDad (even though those usually pay the best). We have some Amazon ads, because everyone uses Amazon, and the affiliate program really works well for us; but we try hard to make sure what you see are products that would be of interest to geeky families. And we use Federated Media, which is a very responsible company with a great track record, who serves ads from some very high-profile folks. No trash there.

Content-wise, we obviously love gaming — tabletop and video. We feature a lot of Kickstarter projects because the most interesting new games are coming from other enthusiastic people trying to do it themselves. We also love to talk about the TV shows we’re watching, the gadgets we’re playing with, and the family issues that challenge us all.

But we’d love to hear from you, our longtime, loyal readers (and backers!). What’s working for you, what would you like to see more of (or less of)? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and let’s start a discussion about how we can keep GeekDad as part of your daily content consumption. Thanks!

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