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Light Beacon Is No Lightweight

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The incredible growth and development of the Internet of Things (IoT) has new devices showing up almost daily, but one technology that may increase the function of IoT systems’ effectiveness is often overlooked. Beacon technology allows smart devices to be located in relation to the small low-energy Bluetooth devices and fed data that is potentially valuable to the user based on their location and preferences.

Beacons are often recognized for their prospective value to retailers as individual displays within a brick-and-mortar store could become interactive and highly personalized to the unique shopper, just like their favorite website. Alternatively, beacons can provide a layer of “proximity intelligence” to smart homes as well, with the user’s smartphone as a trigger to activate/deactivate devices depending on the individual’s presence in different areas of the home. Beacons in the home could do more than just automate devices based on proximity; they could also reduce energy costs by activating smart devices only when the occupants really need them.

New Beacon On The Block

New beacon units produced by EKOOR (pronounced “e-koor”) have one substantial advantage over its competitors: its powered exclusively from indoor light, eliminating the need for changing batteries. This innovation has earned the EKOOR Green IoT beacons the Biggest Social Impact People’s Choice award in the Internet of Things Awards.

EKOOR Light Powered Beacon
EKOOR Light Powered Beacon
Image Credit: EKOOR

The EKOOR Beacons are coming to market through a crowd-funding campaign, with many rewards still available. The reward for a pledge of about $45 on Kickstarter is a single light powered EKOOR-B Beacon and access to all development tools.

EKOOR Kickstarter Campaign Page

The Kickstarter page is live and the light-powered beacons are expected in April 2016.

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