Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: 'Beardsmith' Relaunch

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I recently covered the campaign for Beardsmith which was, unfortunately, unsuccessful. But HaleFire Games has re-launched their project with a more streamlined campaign, a new goal (that they’ve already passed), and restructured stretch goals.

New to Kickstarter? Check out our crowdfunding primer. Please note that I received a prototype copy of the game so final quality will be quite different from what you see here.


Nothing about the gameplay itself has changed, which is good news because the game is great as is! So what has changed in this new campaign?

The majority of the original goal was to purchase a CNC laser cutter to make this game out of long-lasting quality materials. HaleFire Games decided to tap into their personal savings and buy the printer themselves to make the game a reality. So now the campaign funds are mostly for materials, packaging, and, depending on how many stretch goals get unlocked, more artwork!

The new stretch goals include a bunch of expansion packs which add new tile types (which increases complexity, replayability, and strategy options), more starting tiles, bigger game pieces, and alternative rule sets (like solo play, which I’m very excited about).

For more details about HaleFire Games, read my interview with them. If you’re ready to jump on board or to get even more details about the campaign, head to their Kickstarter. You can get in on the two-player version for just $20. It’s not every day you get a game of this quality and this much fun at such a great price!

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