GeekDad Daily Deal: Choose from 3 KeySmart Deals

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KeySmart Deal

Today we have three Daily Deals that involve KeySmart. If you’re not familiar with KeySmart already, they make the Swiss army knife of keychains. You can add or remove all kinds of tools to them.

To start we have the KeySmart 2.0 with Bottle Opener & Nano Clip. This is a KeySmart with the bottle opener accessory. So, as well as keeping all your keys in one place you’ll never have to open bottles with your teeth again. Also, part of this is a tiny clip to keep your KeySmart from sitting in the bottom of your pocket.

Not enough accessories? You can also add the Nano Tool 3 Pack. This tiny deal is a tool add-on for the KeySmart system. It sports a nano wrench, (inch) ruler, and a socket tool. The wrench will work with #8, #10, 1/4″, M4, M5, and M6.

And, for anyone who wants to keep their keys within easy reach we have the KeyCatch 4-Pack. These strong, tiny magnets are attached to wall plates with attached screws just under a light switch. They’ll hold all kinds of stuff, so don’t think they’re just for your KeySmart.

Check out more details on these deals by clicking the links above.

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