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Same Geek Channel: 'Marvel's Agent Carter' Is Back

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Peggy Carter
We jumped right into the action in Season 2. Image via ABC/Disney

We didn’t recap the first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter here at Same Geek Channel. Why the oversight? Possibly because I was having too much fun watching it to analyze it.

I ran into the same problem last night while trying to tap down my fangirl glee at having Peggy back. So instead of a longer recap, I’ve included my live tweet of the show. But, here’s the short version, for those who find the tweets too oblique to follow…


Peggy and Dottie Underwood (dressed as season 1 Peggy) fought during a bank robbery. Peggy won, she interrogated Dottie. Peggy’s status has come up so much in the SSR that she had a cheering section during the interrogation. This didn’t include Thompson, who was jealous, so he sent off Peggy to Hollywood and out of his hair. She landed in Sousa’s West Coast SSR office, which is disguised as a Hollywood talent agency.

Jarvis showed up to be Peggy’s aide de camp, we met Mrs. Jarvis, who is delightful and her husband’s polar opposite, and dived into the mystery of the frozen Lady in the Lake. Several twists and turns later, awesome scientist Wilkes revealed that the substance that can freeze/kill people is some sort of extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional thing. At that point, everyone watching yelled “it’s part of the Monolith from S.H.I.E.L.D.!” That might be the case, it might not. It’s unclear yet.

This guy is a keeper. Image via ABC/Disney

Peggy and Wilkes have a danger date, dance, kiss, get a donut from a racist, and then Whitney Frost catches them in the act of trying to steal the zero substance. Its container breaks, Wilkes vanishes, and Peggy, who finally went dancing with someone, is bereft at the end. Show, you better bring Wilkes back. Now. Also, Frost is alive but with an ominous crack in her head.

Also, Frost is alive but with an ominous crack in her head. Thompson is going over to the dark side because it looks like the SSR might be eliminated, and Dottie is now in FBI custody. Oh, that’ll end well.

The longer version:

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