OCR Celebrates 25 Years of Game Boy Goodness

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ocr legacy

Yesterday, that stalwart handheld known as the original Game Boy celebrated it’s 25th birthday. Truly it has grown into quite a Game Man!

The success of Nintendo’s seemingly unsinkable portable gaming empire — from secondary permutations like the Pocket and Game Boy Color, throughout the eras of the GBA and DS, and even to today’s 3DS — was surely built upon the bedrock of that classic grey brick.

There are certainly a number of suitable ways to mark this momentous occasion. You might kick back with some Tetris or revisit Kanto in Pokémon Red/Blue. If you’re anything like me, a hoarder of classic systems, you might even try your hand at restoring, case-modding or backlighting a spare DMG. (And if you do so, I highly recommend grabbing some parts from Kitsch Bent — tell ’em GeekDad sent you!)

But perhaps the best way is simply to explore the latest 15-track compilation from our friends at OverClocked ReMix. Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary celebrates not only the music from many iconic Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles via remixed tributes, it also acknowledges the unparalleled vision of the late Gunpei Yokoi, the brilliant mind behind this groundbreaking system — not to mention the inventor of now indispensable d-pad.

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