Review: Twelve South’s HiRise Deluxe Has Changed My Workflow Forever

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hirise-deluxeAs you might imagine, I do a lot of writing on my phone. When working on long-form content, the touch keyboard just isn’t enough. I have a great ZAGG FLEX Bluetooth keyboard that I’ve been using for four years now. The issue is, propping the phone up. I had a little stand I used, but if I wanted to charge it or use headphones I had to lay the phone sideways. It was an imperfect solution. What I really needed was a dock, like the kind I used to put my Palm Pilot in (shut up, I know I’m old). So imagine my intrigue when I was when I saw the HiRise Deluxe.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Twelve South makes a whole lot of high-quality Apple accessories. I’m particularly fond of their BookBook cases that make your iDevice or Macbook look like a leather-bound book. The HiRise charger line includes models for your Macbook, Apple Watch, or iPhone/iPad. The HighRise Deluxe is designed to charge your iPhone (5-6S). Thanks to the adjustable support in the back, the Deluxe can also hold the iPad Air or Mini. That alone is worth the extra $20 over the regular HighRise. Additionally, the Deluxe also comes with a MicroUSB cable. Not for charging Android devices, but in case you use a 3rd party battery case (at least, if you use one other than the awesome TYLT sliding case).

With an original solution that cost me $0, you might wonder why I’d be touting a stand that costs $59.99. I’m not going to lie, the $34.99 non-Deluxe is more my speed at first glance. However, Twelve South made a handy chart of differences, and the value is clearly there.

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You have to decide for yourself if all that is worth the price difference. To me, it is. Not needing tools to set up the doc was great – did it in less than five minutes and was ready to go. Indeed, the HiRise Deluxe has become an integral part of my day. I get in to work, plop the iPhone in, and it stays there. I can do everything I need to do without making any adjustments.

If you have a heavy iOS user who spends a lot of time at a desk and have not decided what to get them for the holiday, here’s an upstanding candidate.

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