The PolyFan Smart Fan by Dreo Helps Keep Your Home Cool

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The United States and many places around the world are experiencing record high temperatures this summer. Running an air conditioner through months of hot weather can cause electric bills to skyrocket. However, circulating the air in a room or home can create a cooling effect while allowing you to keep your air conditioner set at a higher temperature. A few days ago, a box arrived on my doorstep. As I went outside to bring it into the house, I noticed the temperature was 108°F. On days like this, our air conditioner can run all day and still have trouble preventing the interior temperature from rising. Inside the box was Dreo’s new smart PolyFan. No sooner had I brought the box inside, I immediately set about unpacking and assembling this new device designed to circulate air more efficiently. 

What Is the Dreo PolyFan?

The PolyFan 513S is a smart fan is produced by Dreo and designed to move a maximum amount of air throughout a space with less noise than traditional fans. The fan has six different modes and 8 different speeds to fit your particular needs. It can work alone or in conjunction with your current air conditioning system to help the latter cool your home more efficiently. The Dreo PolyFan smart fan is currently available directly from the Dreo store on Amazon and sells for $139.99. 

Product Components and Specs

Here is what you get in the box:

  • 1 Dreo PolyFan 513S smart fan​​
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Power Adapter​​
  • 1 Remote Control​​
  • 1 CR2025 Lithium Battery​​ (in remote control)
  • 2 Screwdrivers

The PolyFan smart fan stands 44 inches high and has a 14 inch diameter base. The PolyFan also has a modern look which fits in with most décor. When running, this tower fan is fairly quiet. The sound varies from 25 decibels at the lowest speed to 51 decibels at the highest speed. A digital display at the front of the pole of the fan shows the current speed, mode, and oscillation settings. Subdued touch sensors along the top of the fan form the control panel. At the highest speed, the fan blows air up to 100 feet way. The included remote control has many of the same functions as the control panel of the top of the fan.

The fan assembled and ready to use. Image by Michael Knight.

How to Use the Dreo PolyFan

The PolyFan is very easy to assemble. In fact, the only tools required are included in the box. You start off by fitting the pole of the fan assembly into the base. Then insert the screw with a washer into the base and use the screwdriver to tighten the screw. Finally, plug the power adapter into the power input located at the back of pole of the fan and it is ready to use. There is a knob on the back of the pole which you can loosen and then tighten to raise and lower the fan assembly up to 6 inches. Once you have assembled the PolyFan, you can download the Dreo app to your smart phone or other device and gain greater control over the fan. The app is available through the App Store as well as the Google Play store. Once installed, the app will walk you through connecting the PolyFan to your WiFi and device. The PolyFan also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

the app
The app provides greater control of the fan. Image by Michael Knight.

Using either the remote control or the controller on the fan, you can select from 18 different speeds by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons. The mode button allows you to cycle through the three modes. In normal mode, the fan runs at a constant speed which you can adjust. In Turbo mode, the fan runs at is maximum speed. One of the unique modes is auto mode. While in this mode, the fan speed adjusts to the ambient temperature. As the room warms up, the speed increases. As the room cools down, then the speed decreases. Three other modes are available only through the app. Natural mode sets the fan to run at alternating speeds, similar to an outside breeze with occasional gusts. Sleep mode decreases the speed of the fan every 30 minutes up to 2  intervals depending on the initial speed. If the speed is at 3 or lower already, then the fan maintains that speed. Finally, the Custom mode is similar to the Auto mode, but you get to set the fan speed for various temperature ranges. For example, by default the fan runs at the lowest speed when the temperature is 67°F or lower, then goes up a speed for every 5 degrees so that it is running at speed 8 when the ambient temperature is 89°F or higher. On the other hand, with the Custom Mode you can instead set a daily schedule to adjust fan speed by time rather than temperature. The app also allows you to set a timer for the fan to run before it shuts off automatically. It can be set from 1 minute to 11 hours and 59 minutes in 1 minute increments. 

control panel
The control panel on top of the fan. Image by Michael Knight.
remote control
The remote control for the PolyFan. Image by Michael Knight.

In order to cover a room, it is helpful for the ran to rotate back and forth. The PolyFan not only oscillates horizontally, but also vertically! You can turn on oscillation by pressing the corresponding buttons on the control panel or controller. You can set the horizontal oscillation to 60, 90, or 120 degrees this way. The app lets you customize the amount of horizontal oscillation from 30 to 120 degrees in 10 degree increments. It also lets you set the vertical oscillation from 45 to 105 degrees, also in 10 degree increments. When not using oscillation, the app lets you adjust the position of the fan both horizontally as well as vertically with a control pad. This lets you get the airflow exactly where you want it. Finally, there is a child lock function that locks out the controls on the panel. It is activated/deactivated by pressing the vertical and horizontal oscillation buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. 

oscillation settings
You can adjust the amount of oscillation you desire in the app. Image by Michael Knight.

Why You Should Get the Dreo PolyFan

Dreo has put a lot into the design of the PolyFan. Their Turbosilent™ X Technology encapsulated the fan blades within a specially engineered casing along with vanes at the inlet and outlet create an air channeling funnel. The blades are designed to intercept an maximum amount of air while at the same time curved like an airfoil on an airplane wing to minimize both turbulence and wind noise. These two features combined actually create a spiral effect that creates a channel of air that helps creates currents of air to improve the air circulation in an area. While this helps cool on its own, it also improves the efficiency of an air conditioning system whether you have central air or a window or wall mounted unit. After learning about the aeronautical design of the PolyFan, I wanted to try it out in our home. I put it in our largest room and I could feel the stream of air about 40 feet away. I am sure I could have felt it farther, but that was the limit of the room. 

spiral air
The design of the PolyFan creates a spiral effect to allow a current of air to travel farther. Image courtesy of Dreo.

While the science behind the design of this fan is interesting to me, the performance and features are why I really like the PolyFan. The 8 different speeds allow you to select the perfect speed for your need. I also appreciate the different modes. I really like auto mode which changes speed as the temperature in the room increases and decreases so you don’t have to change the speed manually as well as the ability to create a custom mode. The natural mode is kind of fun with its alternating speeds which simulate a breeze. Finally, the ability to set the oscillation both horizontally and vertically with the app lets you cover just the right amount of a room as you need. When using it in my home office, I placed the fan across the room and centered the air stream just on me. The spiral effect kept the air movement along that channel of air so it was not blowing papers on a nearby desk. I found the vertical oscillation useful in that situation.

customize app
You can customize the speed of the fan at different temperatures. Image by Michael Knight.

I have had the opportunity to review a number of different products by Dreo and I have always been impressed. Last summer I reviewed their tower fan which we still use. We also currently use their air purifier, cordless vacuum cleaner, air fryer, and ChefMaker, which our family loves to use. We also used their space heater all winter long, but don’t currently need the extra heat for the summer. Each of these products use science and technology in their design and the results are always great. I am very impressed by the Dreo PolyFan 513S smart fan and highly recommend it for its design, function, customization, and the many ways I can control it from the app. This product will literally blow you away as it keeps you cool.

Check out the Dreo store on Amazon for more information and to make a purchase.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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