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Nintendo 2DS Hits Japan February 27th

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japanese 2ds

At long last the Nintendo 2DS–that plucky, hinge-free handheld–is set to see a proper Japanese release. Today pre-orders open for four different 2DS models, each styled to represent one of the four Generation 1 Pokémon titles–Red, Blue, Japanese exclusive Pokémon Green, and the Pikachu-heavy Yellow–and to be made available on February 27th, the same day these iconic games make their long awaited appearance on the Nintendo eShop.

Priced at a cool 9,980 yen (currently just under $83 American), each system comes with the corresponding Pokémon version, a redemption code for the legendary Pocket Monster Mew, a special system theme, decorative stickers, and a town map. And, while the transparent red and blue systems do look similar to the ones launched alongside the American iterations of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, these mock-ups also feature SNES-style colored face buttons–rather similar to those included on the non-XL New Nintendo 3DS.

Will these handsome little devils come stateside? There’s been no word yet from Nintendo of America, but hope, as always, springs eternal.

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