5x Video and 3x Tabletop: New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Kickstarter Tabletop Games Videogames

1605e8c4d5f991dda24af674d5f13db0_originalDivinity: Original Sin 2
Return to the Source and battle the Void Dragon once more!

Clutch Diesel Vol 1: The Hunter, the Gatherer and the Quantum
Soothe humanity’s suffering ego in this anime-infused adventure game.

Aiming to be for digitized board games what the Kindle is for e-books.

HMS Marulken
Dive! Dive! Work with your crew to operate a WWII Swedish submarine.

A pixelated bus hurtling through buildings, time and space.



Small City

A twist on Sim City, in board-game form.

Next in Command

Video-game developers make a party game about problem-solving in space.

How to Kill a Spider
Pick the best extermination weapon, or just burn the house down.

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