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Gifts for You Now, a great website for personalized gifts, now allows you to make your familly’s names into art for your wall. The process is simple: head over to their website, choose a theme, color, and size, and you’re off to a great start! The hard part is coming up with the words and/or names to go on the canvas.

Usually, your family surname is the centerpiece. After that, list all the words you want to appear on your canvas. The list will populate onto the canvas, then appear for your approval. You can cycle through choices until you find an image that fits your needs. This is a great way to make sure everyone is included, and to make sure it fits your home’s aesthetic.

Alternatively, you can surprise someone with a single-person piece. Put their name in the middle, and list words the recipient will find joy in. For example, the name “Jane” in the middle, with the list “band, dance, friends, love, humor, champion.” Now those six words will populate all around Jane’s name, making a one-of-a-kind gift difficult to create any other way!

For our family, we used our surname Bristol, and the list included:

  • Our son’s name
  • Our daughter’s name
  • Rory
  • Jenny
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Love
  • Family

We did not include our pets names, because we wanted the piece to feel a little more timeless.


The canvas, once printed, is then attached to a surprisingly sturdy wooden frame. It does not need a frame, and has a hanger on the back, so it goes from box to wall in the time it takes to say, “I’ll put it on this wall.” Jenny and I were very pleased with the quality of the image, as well as the quality components.

If you are in need of a thoughtful present but need a little nudge, give this some consideration. I know I’d be pleased as punch if Jenny were to have surprised me with this one!

Disclaimer: I received a unit for review purposes.

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