Weirdmageddon Descends on ‘Gravity Falls’

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GRAVITY FALLS - "Weirdmageddon, Part I" - Episodic stills. (Disney XD) DIPPER, FORD
Image courtesy of Disney XD

UPDATE: Our full interview with Alex Hirsch is now available here.

This is it, Gravity Falls fans, the apocalypse is upon us. As Season 2 concludes, Weirdmageddon begins…and the future of not just the Mystery Shack but all of Gravity Falls is in question.

In this climactic storyline, Bill Cipher tears into town and wreaks havoc with new, bizarre monsters by his side. Faced with the strangest monsters they’ve ever encountered and chaos erupting all around them, Dipper and Mabel may be the only hope to save the town before the unthinkable happens.

The next episode, which begins the multi-episode Weirdmageddon arc, airs this coming Monday night, October 26, on Disney XD.

Image courtesy of Disney XD
Image courtesy of Disney XD

I had a chance to chat with series creator Alex Hirsch about the show, so stay tuned for the full interview next week (held back because of potential spoilers). When asked if Weirdmageddon signaled the end for Gravity Falls, though, Hirsch was obviously evasive (he can’t talk about the future of the show in any detail). However, he did offer that “Weirdmageddon is a massive, multipart mini-movie that rounds out and finishes Season 2 and is only going to get weirder and weirder as it progresses.”

When pressed about the overall structure of the show, Hirsch said,

The concept of the series was always designed to be something with a beginning, a middle, and an end. It was always meant to be one finite story. It was designed to be a mystery with one particular set of answers and one trajectory. I always had a picture in my head of how long I wanted it to go, more or less, and the story I wanted to tell.

When I asked if he’d know when the show reached that end (and didn’t outlast its creativity), he responded with a firm “I definitely know. It’s nothing that I’m not supposed to comment on, but I know what the plan is and what the endgame is. . . . I wouldn’t stretch it past its purpose. I think these characters are great enough that they could tell a million stories, but their world wasn’t designed for a million stories. The world was designed for the particular story that we’re telling.”

So gang, I guess we’ll all find out together. Watch the new episode Monday night and then come back for our full interview with Alex Hirsch, in which we also talk about fan theories, how much of his personal life is in the show, which other property he’d mash up with Gravity Falls if given the chance . . . and the DuckTales reboot??

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6 thoughts on “Weirdmageddon Descends on ‘Gravity Falls’

  1. I hate the idea of the show ending. But, after the inconsistent airing and long hiatuses (hiati?), it kind of seemed like Disney was trying to figure out the right terms on which to let the show and it’s creators bow out. Which is too bad, because Gravity Falls is one of the best shows on television right now, period.

  2. Hirsch is rebooting DuckTales? Probably? That was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid, but now I can’t stand to watch the re-runs. But I love Hirsch’s work. If this was a real thing, I’d be so conflicted.

      1. That’s a question that only you can answer. Some people just don’t find older shows to be as great as they once thought.

    1. What’s the problem? The reboot won’t be exactly like the old show, so there’s a chance that you might enjoy it.

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