Review: ‘Sleeping Beauties’ #9 — Blood and Violence

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Sleeping Beauties #9 | Rio Youers (Author) | Alison Sampson (Artist) | Abigail Harding (Cover Artist)

This is the graphic novel adaptation based on the horror novel of the same name. We have reviewed the first 8 issues here.

Aurora, the sleeping disease that has taken its hold on all the women of the world, seems to have put all of them to sleep. You cannot withstand seven days of not sleeping, right?

In the small town of Dooling, things have come to a head. An army marches towards the prison to try and capture Eve Black, the magical awake woman.

Willy, Clint, and Rand stand their ground, defending her, but this is America; there is going to be a LOT of swearing, explosions, blood, and tears (and much more swearing) as the battle rages on.

Meanwhile, the women are in another realm, only connected to this one by a tree.

Some women think that the tree should be destroyed, because, why bother? Men are born to women but become men inevitably, and even good boys turn into monsters. The battle between women with different opinions involves lots of blood and violence as well, the splattering reaching each and every one of the pages.

Once the violence subsides, who will have won?

Sleeping Beauties #9 is available in January 2022.

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publish Date: January 2022
Type: FC
Age: 18+

Featured image by Alison Sampson, all images belong to IDW Publishing

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