Review – ‘Sleeping Beauties # 8’– What if Women Never Came Back?

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Sleeping Beauties # 8 Rio Youers (Author) Alison Sampson (Artist) Bex Glendining (Cover Artist)

This is the graphic novel adaptation based on the horror novel by the same name, we have reviewed the first 7 issues here.

Aurora in day six aptly has incapacitated most men and have plunged many of them into violence, the primeval respond to danger. Someone has to be blamed, and pay!

In the small town of Dooling, most men are aligning their forces: either they will side with Eve Black, the magical awake woman; or will be against her. Since she is inside Dooling’s jail, the place already looks like a war zone, even though the final confrontation will take place on the morning.

Launched attacks they may be, but there are also loose ends, people with a lot of time on their hands, such as the Grimer brothers, who have just laid their hands on and a lot of ammunition. There has to be an incredible amount of weaponry in each American town, right?

Meanwhile women are in another realm, one connected to this one by a tree. Orders are: some women must protect the tree, otherwise all is lost.

Because, if women are left with no choice, if they severe the link between the two spaces before there is a chance to purposely seek redemption, all shall and will be lost forever.

No women will mean the end of the world. Our world, as we now it, cannot possibly exist without what women represent, their creative force and fertily shape it. And men are a mirror, a counterpart, there is a balance that has to be found.

Some parts of this narrative are begging to be made into a series. Hopefully, a series directed by a woman, because some of the nuances portrayed here are truly just so hand-picked: the devil is in the details…

‘Sleeping Beauties # 8’ is on sale since November, 2021.

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publish Date: November, 2021
Type: FC
Age: 18+

Featured image by Alison Sampson, all images belong to IDW Publishing

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