Review – ‘Sleeping Beauties # 7’– Is This a New Path for Humanity?

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Sleeping Beauties # 7 Rio Youers (Author) Alison Sampson (Artist) Bex Glendining (Cover Artist)

This is the graphic novel adaptation based on the horror novel by the same name; we have reviewed the first 6 issues here.

Aurora is breaking havoc in the world and five days after its break very few women are left awake. They are, globally, surrounded by a tangled web and sleeping soundly, and the men are desperate.

In the small town of Dooling, something is about to happen: Eve Black, the mysterious woman who seems to be in charge of everything that can go to sleep and come back awake, who woos animals and has something precious in her mind for humanity, wants to protect the women inside Dooling’s jail.

The male response to this, in this particulate town, is launching an armed attack on the prison holding facility, and the men defending it.

Meanwhile women are awake in another reality, where time passes differently, where babies are born although their physical bodies are not there with them; this is a mystery with many angles.

A new angle is a sacred place near Dooling, full of surrealistic animals and plants, beautiful beyond imagination, where some women can now walk to. What does it mean for them, walking up to this sacred place?

As I’ve said before, this is a labor of love, of empathy and understanding, something we are asking ourselves, in the back of our minds: are women better off without men? What would happen if that were true? The Kings wrote it and three women are adapting it into this majestic narrative, and the question lingers beyond our dreams and seeps into reality…

‘Sleeping Beauties # 7’ is on sale since October, 2021.

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publish Date: October, 2021
Type: FC
Age: 18+

Featured image by Alison Sampson, all images belong to IDW Publishing

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