Review: ‘Sleeping Beauties’ #6 – Where Are the Women Going?

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Sleeping Beauties #6:  Rio Youers (Author), Alison Sampson (Artist), Bex Glendining (Cover Artist), Triona “Tree” Farrell (Colorist)

This is the graphic novel adaptation based on the horror novel of the same name, we have reviewed the first 5 issues as well.

Aurora is wreaking havoc in the world, the sleeping sickness having taken the lives of countless women in diverse and horrific ways. However, in the small town of Dooling, something is brewing, a choice, perhaps, a new way to understand the world.

It all now hinges on Eve Black, the mysterious woman who seems to be in charge of everything, unaffected by the disease, and the warden, a man that suddenly has a lot on his plate. Men want this woman, to analyze her and try to stop the disease with her antibodies—at least, that’s what they’re imagining—but they don’t care if doing that will hurt her. So, it is very probable that they will launch an armed attack on the prison holding facility, and many sleeping women could die in the process.

Now, where do women go when they go to sleep? Their bodies are plainly there: enveloped in their cocoons, wrapped in a strange dream, not needing nourishment nor waking up. It’s been days here… but how long has it been over on the other side?

Because they are all going to the same place.

I am blindly jealous of this narrative, and the love and understanding the Kings display for women’s suffering and complicated emotions—over the violence they have to endure because of their bodies… Anyone who knows her King knows why. He genuinely cares and is an empathic human writer.

Sleeping Beauties #6 is available in May 2021.

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publish Date: May 2021
Type: FC
Age: 18+

Featured image by Alison Sampson, all images belong to IDW Publishing

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