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Track Your Statuses in Style With ‘D&D’-Friendly Dungeon Bones

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Here at GeekDad, we cover a lot of Kickstarters and a lot of tabletop games/gaming accessories. (For the record, I blame GeekDad Jonathan for my lingering obsession with both!) Just last year, I became positively taken with Airmail Adventures’ D&D condition chips, poker chip-style trackers for common status conditions and buffs encountered in fifth edition.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall, these chips shipped to backers before finally making their way to retail, picking up a shiny new name along the way. Though now dubbed Dungeons Bones, these are the same high-quality chips I demoed in my own family campaign at the height of the pandemic.

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The New (New) Hotness

Common conditions like Petrified, Unconscious, Poisoned, Blinded, and Incapacitated have now been joined by a bevy of other full-color, expertly crafted chips—20 in all. While new additions like Prone and Grappled have easily become this Dungeon Master’s best friend, my players have each gravitated to their own personal favorites. Our Ranger has already gotten ample use out of her Hunter’s Mark, while our Barbarian swears by his handy Rage chip.

It’s difficult to explain just how much these simple additions have contributed to our gameplay. The chips fit beautifully underneath any standard-sized miniature, and with the details of each condition outlined on its underside, I free up valuable space on my DM screen and in my gaming bag. Moreover, my (still relatively fresh-faced) players can now quickly identify many common character ailments and better understand their short-term ramifications.

Available Now

In short, Dungeon Bones have proven themselves an invaluable asset to my own gaming arsenal, and I can’t help but recommend them to DMs of all stripes. They’re available now via Amazon for $24.99 per set—with Prime shipping—and they are exactly what the Dungeon Master ordered. (Pun fully intended.)

But Wait—There’s More

Having simplified the otherwise convoluted world of Dungeons & Dragons‘ various miracles and maladies, the Dungeon Bones crew has now set its sights on a new project, this time demystifying the world of spell slots with the Tome of Spell Holding.

Tome of Spell Holding box prototype

Coming to Kickstarter this very summer, the Tome of Spell Holding similarly helps players and DMs visualize spellcasting using a series of custom counters and a handsome storage box. Dungeon Bones’ own Chris Leigh elucidated, saying that each Tome “has an insert designed to hold your spell slots for each level. As you spend the spells, they go back into your tome until a rest brings them out again.”

If these condition chips are any indicator, I have no doubt that the Tome of Spell Holding will be a rousing success and another helpful aid for everyone at your gaming table. Look for additional updates and information as this Kickstarter campaign draws nearer to launch. I, for one, can’t wait!

Dungeon Bones counters were provided for the purpose of review and evaluation. This post contains affiliate links. Please do a simple arrow/crossbow bolt management system next!

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