Oy, Chummers! ‘Shadowrun: Sixth World’ Announced

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Catalyst Game Labs has officially announced the sixth edition of their beloved cyberpunk/urban fantasy tabletop RPG franchise Shadowrun, which is celebrating its 30-year anniversary(!) in 2019.

The first product is the Shadowrun: Sixth World Beginner Box, scheduled for release at Origins Game Fair in June. The Shadowrun: Sixth World core rulebook will debut at Gen Con in August.

Beginner Box front and back cover (images courtesy of Catalyst)

Shadowrun‘s new website features a countdown to the summer release. We’ll have more details and a review of the Beginner Box soon. In the meantime, here’s a description from Catalyst:

Are you ready to risk everything?

The Sixth World. One of the most enduring RPG settings ever created, with shadows growing deeper and darker in its latest edition. Dominated by enormous, world-striding megacorporations strangling metahumanity in their clutches, by 2080 most of the planet has surrendered to these corporate overlords.

But from the darkest shadows, defiance flickers in people known as shadowrunners. They risk everything—wrestling magical energies, channeling them into power; putting their minds against the electronic void of the Matrix; trading flesh and blood for chrome and steel.

Stand up, join them, and dare to risk it all!

As a Shadowrun player since the second edition, I’m pretty excited to see what is in store for 2080!

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