Adlens Brings Adjustable Prescriptions to Computer Eyewear

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Photo: Adlens
Photo: Adlens

Many of us spend what might be considered too many hours in front of a screen. Through work, play, and keeping in touch with others, we adults experience plenty of screen time, even as we restrict our children’s time in front of devices. Some people turn to specialized computer eyewear to protect their eyes from the digital eyestrain, but those of us with prescription glasses don’t have as many options.

Adlens makes the Adlens Interface, adjustable eyewear that covers a pretty wide range of prescriptions, from -6D to +3D. Each lens is independently adjustable, so it’s great for those with eyes with different needs. It has a special HEV light-reducing tint (HEV is the High Energy Visible light in backlit screens), and you can fine tune your prescription depending on your needs and the distance to the screen. This blue light lens filter is good for reducing eye strain, and it improves contrast.

The Adlens Interface is an extremely affordable pair of computer eyewear that can be adjusted to suit your own needs, or you can share one pair with someone else who has a different prescription. I found the way the optics worked to be fascinating. Just a simple shift of a pair of lenses and the prescription changes dramatically.

Do they work well?

I found the lenses a little tricky to adjust, since you can accidentally turn them too far in either direction. Also, the frames aren’t as sturdy as regular eyeglass frames, but they also aren’t meant to be worn as your permanent eyewear. Only the area directly ahead is clear, but if you’re looking at a screen, that isn’t a problem; peripheral vision is decreased, however.

I definitely found that contrast was increased, and looking at screens through the Adlens Interface glasses is much gentler on the eyes. I probably wouldn’t pop these on every time I needed to look at a screen, but for long sessions of writing or web surfing, they will definitely have a place in my life.

The Adlens Interface comes in a sturdy case, and is one of the available Adlens adjustable eyewear products. Check them out if you spend a lot of time in front of screens, and are either nearsighted or farsighted. The Adlens website has more information on how the glasses work.

Note: I received a pair of glasses for review purposes.

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